The lighthouse experience

The lighthouse is a meeting place
between sea and land
between nature and culture
between then and now and when
and between you and I


  • We offer local, homemade food

  • Small and large groups are welcome

  • Each tour lasts approximately 1,5 hours

  • Multiple languages



The Lighthouse

Fyrtårn, blåhimmel, litt skyer, rolig hav , vær
linsen i tårnet Lindesnes fyrmuseum

The Lighthouse

The lighthouse erected in 1915 is 16 meters tall and is constructed from cast iron plates.
The Fresnel lens is made in Paris and was acquired as part of a temporary lighthouse in 1854.
This is a1st order optical rotating lens sending 8 powerful light beams out to sea. Every 20 seconds you see a light beam that appears to make a short blink of light.
The light source is situated at 50 meters above sea level and reaches 37 kilometres out to sea.

Utstilling i tårnet. Lindesnes fyrmuseum

Cast Iron Towers in the Cast Iron Tower

A photo exhibition depicting the majority of the cast iron lighthouses erected in Norway.
Photographer is Rune Nylund-Larsen.

The Mountain Hall: Riksvei 1 and LOS300

Fjellhallen Lindesnes fyr
Riksvei 1 - Lindesnes Fyr

Riksvei 1 (Highway 1)

The main exhibition at the museum is the Highway 1.
It showcases the infrastructure in place along the entire Norwegian coastline and it explains what is necessary for safe travel.

Los300 - Lindesnes Fyr


In 2020 it was 300 years ago, that the maritime pilots were better organized and the Maritime Pilots’ Association was established as a state authority.
The LOS300 exhibition explains what is expected from a maritime pilot in the past, today and in the future.

Bunkers in the mountain: Norway's Lighthouses

Norges fyr, utsiden kystfortet lindesnes fyr
Kanonstillingene lindesnes fyrmuseum

The Coastal Fort

German soldiers constructed a coastal fortification at Lindesnes during the World War 2 occupation of Norway.
At the most were 400 men stationed here.
Four of the canons were moved to a different fort in 1943.
A radar was erected in front of the machine house and the number of military personnel was reduced. No large scale acts of war took place at the lighthouse.

Norges fyr Lindesnesfymseum

Lighthouses of Norway

This is a photo exhibition by Rune Nylund-Larsen showcasing every lighthouse from the Swedish
border to Åna Sira, the former Southeast district according to the Norwegian Costal Administration.

Outhouse: Palatia and Survivors

Uthuset Lindesnes Fyr
Palatia - Lindesnes Fyr


A permanent exhibition about the sinking of M/S Palatia at the coast of Lindesnes in the fall
of 1942. Nearly 1000 people lost their lives and most of them were Soviet prisoners of war.

Overlevende - Lindesnes Fyr


A photo exhibition portraying people that have survived war and imprisonment during World War 1 and World War 2.
The Photographer is Elin Høiland and texts are written by Christel Marie Stabæk.

Museum shop

  • Souvenirs (travel memories)

  • Book releases about lighthouses and Coastal culture

  • Maritime quality Products

  • Activities and games for children

  • Local food memories

  • Textiles: clothing, blankets, and more

  • Postcard, lighthouse stamps and our own mailstamp

Food/Beverages serving

  • Together with The Båly Girls, Lindesnes Havhotel and Lindesnes Brew house we make:
    The taste of the southern tip

  • Focus on local food, ecology and sustainability

  • Cafe Mountain Hall (Fjellhallen) serve home baked goods

  • The Lighthouse Pot (Fyrgryta ) serve simple dishes in the summer season

  • The Baker Furnace (Bakerovnen) serve wood burning ecological bread and cinnamon rolls in the summer season

  • Debio-approved baked goods



  • Groups on request

  • We offer tours every sunday all year

  • Tours every day in July

  • Each tour lasts approximately 1,5 hours

  • Multiple languages


  • Rent The Lighthouse Pot ( Fyrgryta ) for meetings, courses and banquets

  • Rent The Mountain Hall ( Fjellhallen) for courses, conferences and seminars

  • Half or full day

Hiking Trails

  • There are several marked hiking trails in the area

  • Maps of these can be purchased on site